Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Birthday to Me!

Merry Christmas

We’re nearing the end of the holiday parties, big meals, peppermint chocolate treats, traffic to and from Target, and exhausted looking delivery people.

This time of year is the perfect time to reflect and show appreciation. Christmas is a time of giving, I want to give my love to everyone. I am truly grateful for all my readers, family, and friends that have and continue to support me in my journey. Honestly, I could never have done it without you all.

Time To Enjoy The Moments

As you probably have noticed already, this year I’ve decided to take a week or so off from blogging – a chance to be fully present and enjoy the holidays. I’m hoping to spend time with friends and family (both near and far) and indulge in some festive fun.

Also, in the mix?  Planning new blog content for the year, the world’s longest nap, and pots of something delicious simmering on the stove top.

But in the meantime, take some time this holiday season to be appreciative of those who work when they should be with family and friends, those who are away from those they love, and those who sacrifice for our needs.

May this Christmas find you surrounded by those you Love, filled with a lot of fun and cheer, and the New Year bring happiness, health, and prosperity.


       Mama D



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